Turnaround Time and Parent Contact

Your athlete can plan on receiving their photos and products within 2 weeks after the photo shoot. My contact information is given to each parent so they may contact me directly with any concerns or questions they may have about their child's photos. The intent of this is to take any workload off the coaches. Each coach will also receive a complimentary team photo.


As a teacher for the past 20 years, I know how to work with kids. As a mom, I know what you expect from your child's photographer. I will assist the kids in positioning, hair, uniform, etc...


The league has the option if they would prefer a traditional backdrop or a digital one. This is something we will discuss prior to the shoot. I also bring with me all required lighting and flooring to the set.


Product Samples/Assistant

An assistant comes with me to help your parents with ordering. All product samples are available at the photoshoots so that families may see what they are purchasing.


Let the kids be who they are! I love capturing each athlete with their game face or maybe their big smile! I bring visual poses each athlete may choose for their photo shoot.

Ordering Process

Leagues have the option of using paper envelopes for ordering at the time of the shoot or a fully online system where the parents may proof the images and purchase after. We work together to decide which is the best direction to take.

How to Order Online:

Here is a video on how to order your athletes pictures online using the access code that was provided to you at the photoshoot. Please reachout with any questions.